- Payment will be done using our check-out service available at our shop page, where you can pay by credit card, debit card o PAYPAL account. You can also pay via bank transfer to our LLOYDS account.

- If you are paying via bank transfer, please note that your bank may charge you for this transaction if you hold an account outside LLOYDS. If this is the case, you are responsible for paying such fees. Please note that you must make your payment within 48 hours since we replied to your email with our IBAN details. Otherwise, order will be cancelled.

- If you pay using our check out service, there should not be any extra fees for you to pay as long as you pay in pounds and using a UK PAYPAL account or UK credit and debit card.

- All payment must be done in pounds. All our accounts are UK based accounts and therefore you will not pay for any currency conversion. Were you trying to pay using a different currency or using an account being registered outside the UK, please note that you will be responsible to pay for the currency conversion fee and the international transaction fee.

- Please make sure you always write a name and an email address when you make the payment. If you pay using our shop online and you are using your PAYPAL account, PAYPAL will let us know your email. If you pay via bank transfer, please write this information on the space provided for information on who sends the money.

- Please note that sometimes payments do not automatically reach our account. If you pay using our check out service, payment should reach our account within the same day. If you pay via bank transfer and you use LLOYDS to make the payment, your payment will reach our account within the same day too. If you make your payment using a different bank, your payment will reach our account the next working day available.

- We will email you as soon as we know your payment has reached our account. Due to our busy schedules, we are afraid we only send confirmation emails at around 9pm UK time on the day you booked, Monday to Sunday. Please wait until that hour to receive your confirmation email. If you booked after 9pm, your confirmation email will probably be sent in the morning of the next day.

- Once you have received your confirmation email, you are entitled to using our services. In this confirmation email, you will find your personal's tutor email address and the SKYPE username for you to call us on the day and time booked and the email for you to send your essays.

- Your are entitled to having as many SKYPE lessons, essay feedbacks and personal worksheets as you have paid for. Your subscription will not expire until you have completed all the SKYPE lessons and received all the essay feedbacks and personal worksheets you paid for. Therefore, if you paid for one essay feedback in June, this can still be used in December.

- We don't refund money. In the event of not being able to mark your essay within this 24 hour period or not being on time for your SKYPE lesson, you will be entitled to 1 (one) essay feedback and 1 (one) SKYPE lesson free of charge.


- Please note that we only mark essays that have been typed and that are no longer than 1000 words. We can also accept essays that have been handwritten as long as we have been told by email previously. Please note that we don't mark all texts and films. To know which texts and films we mark, please check our frequent asked questions here.

- Your essay will be marked within 24 hours after you sent it to us. The maximum number of essays one person can buy is 2 (two). If one person wants to buy more than 2 essays, he/she should wait until receiving the 2 previous essays marked by us before buying any more essays. We will write an email to you to confirm that we have received your essay and to tell you at what time it reached our inbox. Please note that in order to calculate the 24 hour period, we take into consideration the time at which your essay reached our inbox. We cannot be responsible for any technical problems with your email service or our email service that could impede your essay from reaching our inbox within minutes after you send it.


- Please note that 1 speaking practice session runs for 30 minutes. You are supposed to be online on SKYPE on the day and at the time for which you booked your session. If for any reason you are not on time at the start of the session and you begin later than the booked time, please note that under no circumstances will you able to get these missing minutes back in a different session.

- If you cannot be online on the day and time you booked, please send us an email or text us at least 1 hour before and we will get back to you to reschedule the session. If you do not notify us or you do so but less than 1 hour before you are due to speak to us, we will consider your session as completed and no refund nor rescheduling will be possible. Sessions are carried out via SKYPE. Therefore make sure that you have SKYPE downloaded on your computer or mobile phone. SKYPE is free to download. Also make sure you have good earphones and that your voice system on your computer and mobile phone works well. For security reasons, sessions will take place without web camera.

- In the event of technical problems such as bad SKYPE connection, we will stop the conversation and reschedule it to a different time and hour that is convenient for you. Please note that we do not consider technical problems when the connection fails for a few seconds.